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Art & Design School Admission Planning + Portfolio Preparation Program

Whitehorse Art + Design Center provide professional training to young art and design students. Whitehorse also helps students with their applications to top European and American Universities. It provides:

  • Portfolio training and preparation
  • BC curriculum tutoring
  • Extracurricular activities planning
  • Thesis paper guidance
  • Help with university admission applications

VIP services; We are the only art educational institution in Vancouver that offer a refund to our clients if they are not satisfied or were not accepted into their program.

Portfolio Preparation Program

VIP Portfolio Program

TOP 10 Art + Design Schools

VIP Portfolio Preparation

Personalized courses designed for students applying for TOP Art & Design Schools in Europe and America
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Education Program

Education Program

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Art & Design Fundamentals

Creative and technical training courses that are designed for teens

Art & Design Fundamentals

Students can learn the Foundation Design & Drawing, strengthen their foundation, and improve their skills.
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马铭泽 (硕士学位)

德国柏林白湖艺术大学(硕士) /

师从国际设计大师Alice Creischer和亚洲新媒体艺术家陈小清,有着多年欧洲留学及工作经验。参与过多次大型国家级别的设计策划案。如2010广州亚运会吉祥物设计工作;2005年东京世博会中国馆数码装置设计工作;2007年法国新媒体艺术展;2009年德国文化部筹办大型学术研讨会“中德城市突变”;入选2008北京奥运会优秀宣传动画短片奖等。不但熟悉欧美艺术类大学作品要求,而且擅长欧美主流的设计教学理念“包豪斯设计教学理念”。2005年合作创办广州图腾画室期间培养了近百名学员顺利考入了八大美院与国家211项目重点大学,在温哥华执教期间大批学员考入了欧美顶尖艺术名校,在艺术类升学辅导上有着卓越的成绩。(白马教育长期任教导师)